Patrick Piuze "Les Forets" 1er Cru Chablis 2017

Patrick Piuze "Les Forets" 1er Cru Chablis 2017


“...the only thing truly original in the world of wine is the underlying terroir and I have nothing else interesting to add. Anyone can copy anyone else’s techniques so what else is there to make great wines? I believe the answer is simple: Terroir. I want to work only with the fruit from old vines and even then, only old vines that are planted exclusively within the original boundaries of Chablis. If I respect these things, it will be almost impossible to make bad wine.” –Patrick Piuze

Montreal native Patrick Piuze is a true rock star in the buttoned-up world of Burgundy, and this premier cru demonstrates exactly why. He sources his fruit from only the best growers in Chablis and insists on only grapes that are hand harvested (very rare in Chablis) to heighten the sense of terroir. Fermented and aged in used oak for 10 months – Piuze goes as far as only utilizing oak barrels that were broken in during high acid vintages. He then allows the wine to ferment at their own pace, ranging anywhere from periods of three to twelve weeks before applying a gentle clay filtration process.

The 2015 vintage is a brilliant example of his commitment to craft as it deftly expresses the limestone rich soils that surround the Serein River. Impressively dense yet approachable with notes of pink and white grapefruit and the hallmark chalky minerality one expects from Chablis. Ripe, fresh stone fruit is deftly balanced by harmonious acidity and flawless structure.

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